Friday, October 5, 2007

Desktop Images by Sharp Photography

I've been working hard to learn HTML. It might as well be Greek. It is however becoming easier and easier the more I do anything I suppose. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I've barely scratched the surface of web design. I know basic page layout, text formatting, image insertion and linking pages. When I successfully linked my first page I felt like I had performed some amazing feat...I was extremely proud of myself! Then a couple days later I realized that what I had done wasn't all that profound. In fact, it's pretty basic. Oh well, at least I had a moment when I felt like a web designing genius.

So, to practice my new skills, I've added a link to a page of free desktop images; photos taken by my husband and myself (aka Sharp Photography.) We took macro photos of the flower beds that I slaved over all summer long. I personally think they are the most gorgeous flowers ever, but that's my opinion. I've edited all the images to several different screen resolution sizes; hopefully you can find yours. I'm providing them to you because I love to share photography, and I wanted an excuse to design more web pages. So enjoy, and wish me luck on this whole HTML thing.

The link can be accessed from the Becky Sharp Designs homepage, the sidebar of this blog, or right here. Happy downloading. :-)

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