Sunday, October 28, 2007

First Sale on Etsy!

Yeah! I finally made a sale on Etsy, a necklace and a book! I am so excited to break through the newbie barrier. Maybe now people won't be so hesitant to buy from me. It really is wonderful to be picked out of the endless sea of merchants on Etsy, where there is SO much to choose from, and so much competition. The day got even better when I made a sale on my main website, also: two necklaces that were new listings. I just love it when people like something that I've created. It makes me even happier when those people then wear the jewelry proudly, or use the book for something important. I never thought this could be so fulfilling! Thanks for listening to my happy ramblings!

1 comment:

Marg said...

Pretty magnificent! I wore my yellow pendant to the Shell Recognition dinner at White Oak Plantation last night. Jer had already told everyone about your creations, so they were glad to see one! Everyone was very interested...I'll have to send the link again!