Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ok, I just have to brag a little bit... Every once and a while (but not very often), one of my items makes it into an Etsy treasury (where Etsy members hand-pick 12 items to show off in a mini-gallery. See this post). Etsy admin chooses a new treasury every hour (approx.) to be on the front page of Etsy. So, if you are lucky enough, your treasury, or one that you are featured in, could be on Etsy's main page, where thousands of people will see it!

Yesterday, one of my books was in a treasury. Later in the day, I happened to be viewing the front page at just the right moment...and there it was, my book! I snapped a screen shot before it disappeared. Then the book sold a few minutes later. Here's a shot of the front page:

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Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Congrats to you! Thanks for the comment earlier... and for the good karma. I'm pretty sure buying your pendant and trusting that hopeful feeling led me to... ahem.. my first sale! :D

Happy 2009! Can't wait to see my necklace.