Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Etsy Goal

I'm at 75 sales now on Etsy, and pleased with the positive feedback I've received from my customers! And I seem to continue making sales, despite my lack of new inventory. My main website, however, continues to decline in hits, because I know nothing about marketing. But I am prepared to let that go for now, because of the promising future I see on Etsy, and the success I've seen others have on Etsy. I think that the benefits will outweigh the listing fees I will pay.

I have also had much success with my recent clearance sale. I am excited to clear out my older designs to make room for the new ones coming soon. I have had a long vacation (if it can really be called that) from making jewelry during our transition across the country to our new home. But, my art room is almost organized enough to start working again.

I figured I would make some new goals regarding my business here on the blog. So here they are:

1. Post on my blog at least once a week to keep track of my progress on goals.
2. Create at least one new piece of jewelry to completion every day.
3. List at least one new piece of jewelry for sale every day.
4. Revamp my Etsy site - new pricing for new items, new chain/cord selection as separate listings, possibly a new style of product photography. (This goal may take a few weeks to complete.)
5. Ship out orders within one day of receiving payment.
6. Record sale transactions on my business spreadsheet to track expenses/profit.
7. Reach 100 sales by the end of August.

I'd better get to work!

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Cherie' Mallory said...

I just love how ambitious and creative you are! Good luck!!!